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Important Information (Please read this instructions carefully before you fill this form)

  1. Please ensure this form is filled completely with the correct information and submitted at least 20 days to the commencement of the training.

  2. Please note that filling this registration form does not automatically guarantee a seat for the training until you make a minimum of 50% payment at least 20 days before to the commencement of the training.

  3. The full course cost covers your training fee, exam registration, British Council registration, course text book, project fee and refreshment.

  4. Incomplete course payment does not cover exam registration.

  5. If you wish to visit the office for registration, our addresses can be found on the Contact Us section of this website.

  6. Once we receive your form, we will send you an invoice containing the payment instruction.

  7. You will be required to make payment (either full or 50% installment) before closing date of training which will be indicated in the course invoice.

  8. If you require further clarifications, please reach us on 07010721614.

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